Prayer Requests

Maj-Len H. Post
December 30, 2016
It is 200 years since the birth of Carl Olof Rosenius. He was Sweden's most well-known evangelist. His devotions and writings have gone in million copies and in many languages Pray for all versions so that millions of people come to salvation and heaven. And that all money that has been paid for this really goes for this to full value at right time. Jeremiah 32:27
October 29, 2016
May I request prayer on here?

Please pray for the North Korea's four types of peoples

1) Pregnant women who fall into the north korean prison camp, by force abortioned by kicking belly, by force abortion operations , by opening bellies directly by knives of officials (like people of Ammon did to child in Gilead) , by Neolttwigi(like Korean-seasaw) on her belly by other two prisoners , by force labor, by longtime giving shape of the 'hands of the clocks' which official ordered (until fetus is dropped with blood discharge) , by force injection to her abdomen, and please also pray for me about 'smashing their belly with lumber of officials'...

2) And fetuses in her .. which should die without any resistance

3) And disables,and disable babies who should forced to carry ' 49th ward ' (also some of them sent to North Korea concentration camp slave labor), killed and used as a guinea pig

4) And Small children , everyday suffering 12 hours hard ((coal mine)) labor, night beaten by other adult prisoners , night sleep at a square meter toilet because they have no power,eating mouse head remnant which adult prisoners have eaten and remained (because they only have 600g corn for food per a day)

more informations please watch the Youtube below , Thank you.

(In addition lately we have some information from faithful sources that because *these concentration camp is submitted to the United Nations Security Council so Kim Jong-un is genociding the people inside North Korea prison camp, so please pray for me that Kim Jong-un stop genocide the people inside the North Korea prison camps)

Name : JONGHYUK LEE Address : ..801,1603Dong,LH Samsong Apt.,669,Wonheung-dong,Deogyang-gu,Goyang-si,Gyeonggi-do,South Korea
Deborah A. Post
October 11, 2016
Dear Calvary Family
Please pray for me & my husband Nick as we both will be having ultrasound testing tomorrow. Nick for his continual headaches. Myself because my liver labs came back at 3x the normal rate & second labs taken show they've increased another 50%
babu y. Post
October 3, 2016
Heavenly Father, bless me to reconcile with my friend, Chona, overseas as evil is trying to break my
friendship with her and marriage.
God please intervene and guide me according to your Will.
Father, bless me with my physical health, weight loss, hair loss, defects, protection, wisdom and finances.

I pray in lord Jesus name.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 6, 2016
Please pray for me. I've been enlightened by God and I'm trying to break through and correct all my wrongs. May God have mercy on me as I try to make this tough transition to become a better person at my job and with my family.
Josie D. Post
February 26, 2016
Please pray for my husband to have guidance and enlightenment and to end this ungodly behavior. He looks alot at pornography and innappropriate perversions on the internet and has not been having intimate relations with me.
Andrew K. Post
August 31, 2015
Lifting up heart-felt prayers and sympathetic condolences to the church and family, particular Mrs. Janie Thomas, in the passing onto glory of the Rev. Dr. Pastor Emeritus Gregory E. Thomas. May his memory be eternal and his mighty works for the kingdom of God in Christ be rewarded. God's peace and comfort to you all.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 5, 2015
Hello, please pray for my family members to receive salvation and also against spiritual attacks of the enemy on my life. Please pray for my future, job, and person I marry. That I am always in the will of God and that he provides for me a job to pay my student loans that are a heavy burden on me.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 1, 2015
Please pray for Josie Martinez her family is encouraging her to be a lesbian, Please pray that Josie has no sexual desire for woman, and pray that Josie gets a strong desire to wear girl clothes and be feminine like her mother Leanne, Pray for this family and pray that God takes the Satan's hand off this family and break the lesbian generation curse! Please pray for spiritual healing!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
December 20, 2014
Please pray that Matt is healed peacefully and calmly from the abusive and toxic relationships he is involved in. Please heal all those involved
Please heal all his relationship and anger issues.
Thank you Thank you Thank you
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